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How do I verify my wallet?

Click the triangle BAT icon in the address bar (or navigate to brave://rewards) and click the "Verify Wallet" button (just "Verify" on Android).

Verify Wallet button


Next click "continue".

Verification process continue button


Now select the wallet provider you want to connect with - your choices right now are Uphold or Gemini.

Note that you can currently only link Gemini on desktop - Android is temporarily limited to only be able to verify with Uphold. Current estimate is that Gemini will be enabled in Android early in 2022. [Current October 26 2021]

Verification - select wallet provider


If you select Uphold and have less than 15 BAT in your browser wallet you will see a warning message here. You can still verify in this case - please see Can I verify with Uphold if I don't have the 15 BAT minimum? for details.


Now follow the prompts from the wallet provider, and very soon you will have a verified wallet!


Just be aware that there is a 4 device limit that you can connect to either partner exchange, and every device once added cannot be disconnected.


There is an issue with Uphold verification right now that will put you into a loop of trying to authorize but it will not complete successfully. You can work around this issue by opening a tab and signing into Uphold before you try to verify. [Current August 2 2021]