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Welcome to

The unofficial user guide and FAQ for all things Brave and BAT


This site compiles questions & answers sourced primarily from the Brave & BAT subreddits (where I am a moderator) mixed with my own experience as a user.


The content is far from complete, and I will be adding and updating information as Brave's features evolve and I find more FAQ-worthy questions.


About the entries

Each entry should usually be straightforward and I will try to explain things simply. If something isn't clear please contact me so I can improve it!

If supporting images are necessary I include them, or where images are useful I'm trying to add them as I find time.

If there is a bug affecting a feature it will be written as warning text so it stands out.

Where I make note of a feature change that is coming or has been potentially mentioned by the team it will be written as an info box so it also stands out.

Where a bug or a coming change is listed I will try to include the date the information was written so everyone has an idea how out of date the information may be, just in case I miss updating something.


What you won't find here

There are a few topics you will never find answered or discussed here, including (but not limited to):

  • Defrauding the Brave Rewards system
  • How to bypass Brave's terms of service
  • How to break or abuse Brave features for personal gain/someone else's loss
  • Anything related to the price of BAT


How to contribute

If you'd like to help me out with this project I'm more than happy for any fact checking or additional info (especially for features I don't use and for Linux), and donations are always welcome!