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Donations & Support

Crypto donations

This site is (of course) a verified Brave creator channel so tips are welcome!


Otherwise I accept donations through the following addresses:

Ethereum, BAT, DAI, and other ERC20 tokens





Other ways to support my work

If you would like a .crypto domain name of your own to register a website, accept crypto transactions, or both, please consider getting your own Unstoppable Domain with my referral link.

You will get $10 off your first purchase worth $40 or more. One .crypto domain costs $40 (a one time fee with no renewal costs - significantly cheaper than a regular domain name after just a few short years!) and I will get $10 towards my next domain too.


Or if you are looking for reliable cloud hosting for a website or other software I recommend Vultr - I run most of my websites (including this one) on their infrastructure. If you sign up with my referral link I could potentially receive $10 to help cover my own hosting expenses.


I also run another website on PythonAnywhere - my personal portfolio, which I occasionally link to for interactive tools like the browser notification tester and Brave ad stats. So if you need somewhere to host a Django website or other Python code I can recommend them. If you sign up with my referral link I will receive 10% of whatever you pay for your hosting there.



How your support helps

I'm an out-of-work web & software developer and social media manager with interests in cryptocurrency, Brave & BAT, and helping people. That's how I ended up being a moderator at the Brave & BAT subreddits, and this site is a continuation of those interests.

All donations and alternative support will help me cover hosting costs which I pay out of my own pocket, as well as the time I spend improving and growing the information on this site, and will also help me add more supporting tools that will hopefully be of use to other Brave and BAT enthusiasts.

Any support, big or small, is very welcome and you have my gratitude if you do help me out. Thank you!