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I'm not interested in Rewards, ads, or tipping - how can I turn off everything related to them?

Disable Rewards (if already enabled)

If you have previously enabled Rewards, first you need to disable them in Settings->Brave Rewards (or navigate to brave://rewards) and turn the master option to OFF.


Brave Rewards master option


Rewards master toggle off



Disable Sponsored Images

(Desktop only) Go to a new tab page and click Customise in the bottom right, or go to Settings->New tab page (or navigate to brave://settings/newTab) then click "Customise the background image and widgets that appear on the new tab page". Go to the "Background image" tab, then turn off "Show sponsored images".

Sponsored images toggle


(Android only) Go to Settings->New tab page, then turn off "Show sponsored images".

Show sponsored images toggle



Disable Brave Rewards icon in the address bar

Go to Settings->Appearance (or navigate to brave://settings/appearance) and turn the "Hide Brave Rewards button" option ON.


Hide Brave Rewards option on


Hide Brave Rewards button option on (Android)