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Why doesn't Brave set the Do Not Track header by default?

While the Do Not Track specification started with a good idea it unfortunately ended its life unfinished. What was specified gave no clear idea of what websites were actually supposed to do when the header was set, and no repercussions, legal or otherwise, if they didn't adhere to the specification.

The reality of it now is that it is basically useless for privacy purposes. Some website may respect the Do Not Track header, but many ignore it completely, while some even use it as a vector with which they can more easily track you because it can be used as a point of uniqueness when fingerprinting your browser.

So Brave choose to not enable Do Not Track by default because it gives your browser a more unique fingerprint. You are welcome to set it yourself under brave://settings/cookies if you believe there is a real reason to do so, but be aware that it does increase your chance of being uniquely fingerprinted.