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Verifying a website

Log into your creator dashboard and click the "Add Channel" button.

Creator dashboard - add channel


Now select Website.

Next you will need to enter the address of the site. It is up to you if you would like to check the "Allow Brave to serve ads on my website" option. You can change it later from within the creator dashboard once your website is verified.

Then you need to select a method to verify the site.


Download a trusted file

Note: Your site will need HTTPS to use this verification method - if your site does not have an SSL certificate you will have to use the "Edit DNS records" option.

For this option you will need access to the filesystem of your web server.

Simply follow the instructions on the page - download the file, place it in the folder indicated (create the folder if it doesn't exist), then click the Verify button and wait for the verification to complete.


Alternative for Wordpress users

If you use Wordpress on your site there is an official extension that will create the trusted file for you. You can find it at


Edit DNS records

For this option you will need the ability to edit the DNS record with your DNS host.

Sign in to your DNS host and find the page where you can add records. Add a new record with type TXT, and the data or value as copied from the creator dashboard. Then click Verify DNS Record, and wait for the verification to complete.