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How do I verify my wallet?

Click the triangle BAT icon in the address bar (or navigate to brave://rewards) and click the "Verify Wallet" button (just "Verify" on Android).

Verify Wallet button


Next click "continue".

Verification process continue button


Now select the wallet provider you want to connect with - your choices right now are Uphold or Gemini for most of the world, or only bitFlyer if you are in Japan.

Verification - select wallet provider


If you select Uphold and have less than 2 BAT in your browser wallet you will see a warning message here. You can still verify in this case - please see Can I verify with Uphold if I don't have the 2 BAT minimum? for details.


Now follow the prompts from the wallet provider, and very soon you will have a verified wallet!


Just be aware that there is a 4 device limit that you can connect to either partner exchange, and every device once added cannot be disconnected.

The 4 device limit is in the process of being removed. [Current March 28 2022]

Note that users in Vietnam and Philippines cannot currently connect to a partner exchange due to considerable amounts of fraudulent activity in those countries. Rewards earned in those countries can only be contributed to creators. [Current March 28 2022]

If you are trying to verify on Android please be aware there is an issue that will prevent the process from completing successfully if you open the Uphold link in Uphold's app. If you open the link only within Brave it should be fine. Either change the handler for Uphold links, or uninstall the Uphold app (you can install it again after verifying). [Current March 26 2022]