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Are there any charities or non-profits I can tip?

Absolutely! There are a number of different charities and non-profits who have verified as creators.


While this list is not exhaustive, here are some of the charity and non-profit initiatives that interest me personally: [?*] - Teaching women in developing countries to code, which empowers them to step into careers and be role models for the next generation of women. [Uphold*] - Building schools, supporting teachers, and creating hygienic water infrastructure in developing countries. [Gemini*] - Supporting children's education and gender equality in economically disadvantaged communities. [Uphold*] - A collective of activists trying to ensure that technology is used as a tool for empowerment, not oppression. [?*] - Crowdfunding life-saving medical treatments in low-income countries. [Uphold*] - Saving South American rainforests through community training and advocacy. [Uphold*] - Providing free online education to everyone, at their own pace. [Uphold*] - Free online training in many aspects of computer programming.


* Site's potential linked exchange - if your browser is currently linked to an exchange you can only tip sites which are linked to the same exchange.

This data was speculatively gathered by myself by observing which sites show verified but not able to tip, or verified and able to tip, while my own wallet was linked to Uphold, then checked when I moved to Gemini. The two sites with question marks were both untippable at the times I checked. If anyone observes differently please let me know!