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Why can't I tip a certain website or account?

First the user or website needs to be registered as a creator and they need to add the account or website as a verified channel. The creator also needs to complete the KYC process with their chosen exchange.

If the creator has only very recently verified the account or site it may take up to 48 hours to appear as verified for you.

If the creator still appears as unverified, make sure you click "Refresh status" in the tipping dialog.


There is an issue where a creator will appear unverified to you if you are verified with one partner exchange (eg. Uphold) but the creator is verified with a different partner exchange (eg. Gemini). Unverified user wallets are not affected by this. [Current July 29 2021]

The planned short-term solution for the cross-exchange tipping issue above will be to allow creators to connect both Uphold and Gemini accounts in their creator dashboard. There is currently no ETA when this will be available. [Current August 16 2021]