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What happens if I tip a creator who is not verified?

Tipping & auto-contribute

Your tip will be held for 90 days. If the creator becomes verified in that time they will receiv...

Why is there a difference between the BAT I receive on my phone and my desktop?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

Advertisers may choose to target specific platforms so you are never guaranteed to receive the sa...

Why am I seeing ads on YouTube or another site?

Shields & fingerprinting protection

The battle between ad networks and ad blockers is a constant one, with ad networks always looking...

Why am I not receiving BAT for the ads I see on websites?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

Brave Rewards has nothing to do with the ads on websites, and your earnings will not be affected ...

Can I use a VPN to get more ads?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

Maybe, but maybe not too. It is in Brave's best interests to not have advertisers paying for ads...

Will having Brave Shields turned on affect my ability to receive rewards ads?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

No it won't. Brave Shields only affect ads appearing on the websites you visit, but Brave's ads ...

Do I have to click the ads to receive BAT?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

No, you definitely don't. You receive BAT just for seeing the notification appear on your screen....

How much BAT do I receive for each ad?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

The BAT earned per ad changes based on the USD value of BAT, but with a delay from the time it ch...

Are my pending rewards correct?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

You can easily check if your pending rewards are within reasonable limits at https://www.kenherbe...

How do I mine BAT?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

You can't mine BAT. The entire supply of BAT was minted when Brave started the Rewards program a...

How do I enable Brave Rewards?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

Go to Settings->Brave Rewards (or navigate to brave://rewards) and turn on the toggle switch. ...

Will my BAT expire?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

If you are unverified (you have not connected Brave to a partner exchange) you have 90 days to cl...

Can I install multiple copies of Brave on one computer?


Yes you can. You can install the Stable, Beta, and/or Nightly channels alongside each other and t...

If I install multiple Brave channels do they share a wallet?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

No, every instance of Brave that you install - Stable, Beta, and/or Nightly - has its own separat...

Which web pages reward me more BAT?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

Brave Rewards are independent of the sites you visit, so you cannot increase your earnings by vis...

How to contribute


If you see an issue with anything in the Brave FAQ - outdated information, something incomplete o...

Donations & Support


Crypto donations This site is (of course) a verified Brave creator channel so tips are welcome! ...

I'm seeing ads, but my wallet shows 0 BAT. Why?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

You have 2 different BAT balances. The balance you see when you click/tap the triangle BAT icon ...

Why does the USD value of my BAT change?

BAT, Ads & Rewards

BAT, like many other cryptocurrencies and real world currencies, fluctuates in price when compare...

Can I allow ads only on certain channels on YouTube?

Shields & fingerprinting protection

No you can't. At this moment in time you can either block them all, or allow them all. The best ...